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got his name from the streets of his “Sin City” neighborhood in Portmore St Catherine, where he commonly exhibited his lyrically intricate, melodic flows. His natural talent soon began to build into underground legend, the dee-jay Masicka who was known to many as “sicka than dem”. Under the guidance of One Motion Music, Masicka’s following has continued to grow throughout the summer. Masicka and his talented team of producers will now look to end the summer on a highly positive note with the September release of the hot new club single ‘Loose Control’, co-produced by Ras I Musique and One Motion Music. Masicka anticipates a good reaction to the single, while he puts the final touches to both his upcoming album and mixtape, which are being prepared for imminent release. When recently asked about his prospects for the record the artist said, “The feedback that we are getting in the streets so far from this record has been incredible. I always knew it was good but the fan support and attention that has been coming my way has been humbling.”

MASICKA the 19year old DJ/ Singer/ Songwriter who has been dubbed “The Future” by his reggae peers has recently penned and/or performed songs that have created a significantly growing buzz amongst reggae/dancehall fans. He is also steadily acquiring new fans from across genres due to the hip-hop influenced sound of his latest songs and the increased exposure that he is receiving via the internet …in addition to radio play on some of Jamaica’s most popular stations, like Irie f.m.. Masicka has become known for a “sick” flow that is lyrically amazing to his fans as he effortlessly shares his colorful experiences with the listener in a way that is easily understood, felt and enjoyed internationally.

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